The Convexus Token - CXS

A given Convexus pool has flexible swap fees, which are equal to either 0.05%, 0.3% or 1%. On top of that, the Convexus protocol can take a fraction of the swap fees and store them in the Convexus treasury. By default, when a pool is created, protocol fees are set to zero. However, CXS holders can vote to enable protocol fees on any pool through governance. Consequently, when a pool has protocol fees turned on, CXS holders will earn their share of the protocol fees for this pool.

Convexus governance has been designed in a way that will eventually let the core Convexus early contributors step out of the decision-making process entirely, achieving a truly self-sustaining and completely decentralized protocol.


Convexus won’t run any initial token offering or token sale of any kind. 1,000,000,000 CXS will be minted at genesis and emitted over a period of 4 years.

The initial four year allocation is as follows:

  50% to Convexus liquidity providers — 500,000,000 CXS. The details of the liquidity mining program and the incentivized pools at launch will be disclosed before mainnet release.
  30% to the Convexus DAO treasury — 300,000,000 CXS. These CXS tokens will be distributed on an ongoing basis through contributor grants, community initiatives, liquidity mining, and other programs through governance.
  20% to the Convexus early contributors with a 1-year vesting period — 200,000,000 CXS.
Initial 4 year CXS allocation for liquidity providers, Convexus DAO and the Convexus Early Contributors.

After the initial minting, CXS tokens will be locked in vesting contracts and distributed daily to liquidity providers, the Convexus DAO and the Convexus early contributors at the following rate:

40% in year 1
30% in year 2
20% in year 3
10% in year 4

After year 4, CXS will be inflationary at a perpetual 20,000,000 CXS per year to ensure continued incentives for liquidity providers and governance participation. The inflation rate can be modified through a governance vote.

Emission schedule for the CXS token: 40% emitted in year 1; 30% in year 2; 20% in year 3 and 10% in year 4. 20,000,000 CXS annual inflation thereafter. Inflation can be modified through a governance vote.
CXS daily distribution per year over the next 10 years, assuming no vote to change the inflation rate.